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My goal is to become the number one designer of those tacky math book covers in Paint. Hermann knows what I am talking about.

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The Indiegogo for shatterdomeseattle has begun!

Yes, a Pacific Rim convention that is ON the Pacific Rim. Were you yelling in both excitement and rage that there were PacRim cons happening that were NO WHERE NEAR YOU (namely: not in the Pacific Northwest)? I was. Which is why I jumped to help make this thing happen.

So come join us, because Pacific Rim is awesome and Seattle is awesome and that’s pretty amazing to combine the two. Also, coffee. (And some of the cool stuffins you can get through the Indiegogo are made by me, geniusbee, and skylanth!)

(Quick doodle is done by me and features Kabiri, that random one off kaiju I made after remembering that Seattle did undergo a kaiju attack.)

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Did you happen to see some of the illegally cute Camp Counselor AU stuff cypress-tree and patster223 were up to yesterday? 

A doodle from work c: 

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Bioartis Haari Tesla (behance) - "Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes thecosmos." - I was doing some researches  and I found experiment with miniatures of space so I decided to try my own. The result has been nebulae, galaxies and supernovae transformed into microorganism.

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    Ancient moon priestesses were called virgins. ‘Virgin’ meant not married, not belonging to a man - a woman who was ‘one-in-herself’. The very word derives from a Latin root meaning strength, force, skill; and was later applied to men: virle. Ishtar, Diana, Astarte, Isis were all all called virgin, which did not refer to sexual chastity, but sexual independence. And all great culture heroes of the past, mythic or historic, were said to be born of virgin mothers: Marduk, Gilgamesh, Buddha, Osiris, Dionysus, Genghis Khan, Jesus - they were all affirmed as sons of the Great Mother, of the Original One, their worldly power deriving from her. When the Hebrews used the word, and in the original Aramaic, it meant ‘maiden’ or ‘young woman’, with no connotations to sexual chastity. But later Christian translators could not conceive of the ‘Virgin Mary’ as a woman of independent sexuality, needless to say; they distorted the meaning into sexually pure, chaste, never touched.
— Monica Sjoo, The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth  (via thewaking)
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Japanese company plans space elevator by 2050

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Stupid competitive nerds


gluethegrue answered your question “I wanna draw some newt and hermann….suggestions?”

a tickle fight? or even a pillow fight (god i kept giggling thinking about hermann being super ticklish, just imagine it and laugh too)


I think Newt would start it, but Hermann would finish it. 

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Never forget…Dorothy Counts being mocked by an entirely white audience on enrollment day at Harding High School. September 4th, 1957

and they call US savages

Never fucking forget


Never forget

The people in this photo are SOME OF YA’LLS GRANDPARENTS. Not your great great great great grandparents. Your GRANDPARENTS. Your dad’s dad.

Possibly someones parent as well!

Its even worse than mere mocking. This is the full story:

In 1956, forty black students applied for transfers at a white school.[1] At 15 years of age, on 4 September 1957, Dorothy Counts was one of the four black students enrolled at various all-white schools in the district; She was at Harry Harding High School, Charlotte, North Carolina.[2] Three students were enrolled at other schools, including Central High School. The harassment started when the wife of John Z. Warlick, the leader of the White Citizens Council, urged the boys to “keep her out” and at the same time, implored the girls to spit on her, saying, “spit on her, girls, spit on her.”[1] Dorothy walked by without reacting, but told the press that many people threw rocks at her—most of which landed in front of her feet—and that many spat on her back. Photographer Douglas Martin won the 1957 World Press Photo of the Year with an image of Counts being mocked by a crowd on her first day of school.[3]

More abuse followed that day. She had trash thrown at her while eating her dinner and the teachers ignored her.[1]The following day, she befriended two white girls, but they soon drew back because of harassment from other classmates.[1] Her family received threatening phone calls and after four days of extensive harassment—which included a smashed car and having her locker ransacked, her father decided to take his daughter out of the school.[1] At a press conference, he said:

It is with compassion for our native land and love for our daughter Dorothy that we withdraw her as a student at Harding High School. As long as we felt she could be protected from bodily injury and insults within the school’s walls and upon the school premises, we were willing to grant her desire to study at Harding.[1]

Source (x)

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im not feeling good so i finished ths up as fast as i could bc im sick of ths being on my comp

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Please reblog this!

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Shatterdome Seattle - A Pacific Rim Fan Convention



We’re pleased to announce that our funding campaign is now live! Donations especially critical before November 4! Please help us cancel the apocalypse, Pacific Rim style!

THIS IS HAPPENING!!! If you’re in the PNW or want an excuse to travel to the most beautiful city in the country, please consider donating some! There will be swag! Some of it I will be lending some art to! As well as the talents of the incredible alienfirst and skylanth

Please consider helping out! Many fans /like me ahaha can’t make it all the way out to Shatterdome Atlanta so a gathering with Pacific Rim fans closer to home would be amazing! Thank you!