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feriowind replied to your post: in news!! all my cool stuff arrived th…


from taobao!!! there’s not as much pac rim fan stuff there as i would like but i was really happy i found this ;v;  it’s this listing

i’m not sure if they do international shipping - some vendors do but at much higher prices. you would have to contact them

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Darren Hunt of Utah

The murder of young Black Men by police continues.

oh for fucks SAKE

Y’all he was shot in the back…. HE WAS SHOT IN THE BACK…


He was carrying a sword? This mf in my geography class carried a sword to class everyday and when I expressed my discomfort it was dismissed. But this brotha was shot in the back.

and it was a blunted sword.. couldn’t have cut anybody… but white people walking around with loaded rifles in target…

Exactly! This is evil.

Damn. Niggas can’t even cosplay anymore? I would love to see the cosplay community say something about this but that definitely won’t happen

Also: this paper is edited by a clown. It should’ve been in the first fucking paragraph that this dude was cosplaying. I’m reading this shit wondering why the fuck this negro is walking down the street with a sword and obvious answer is hidden almost at the en of the article.

This dude was cosplaying.

He was dressed up in a costume.

Should all black people just stay home on Halloween this year?

Friendly reminder that the police shot a black cosplayer in the back

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Newt arguing with Raleigh in the deleted scenes of Pacific Rim.

My name is Helen, and I’m addicted to Charlie Day’s eyebrows and forehead wrinkles.  Sorry not sorry.

I think I may create another blog dedicated only to his eyebrows

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1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom

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For the September LetsDrawSherlock challenge

Characters when they think no one’s looking~ :>

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in news!! all my cool stuff arrived this week 6//V//6

i got my skateboard which i chose for the kaiju colour scheme ahhHHHH

also the jaeger blueprints which are huge and on my wall ^ ∀ ^)ノ

and these suuppper cool kaiju stickers which i got rly excited about and put my fave //slattern on my laptop already

i also received new glasses for newt’s cosplay! they’ve got anti UV lenses and look so much nicer ahh

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Hey you! [cracks open a beer, and pulls up a bar stool] Do you want to talk with me about how Burn Gorman’s face becomes a “XD” when he’s all giggly? And then while we’re at it, could we also talk about how he goes all “:D” too? 

And since we’re talking anyway, could we talk about how no adult should be THIS adorable, especially when he’s got such a froggy little face???! 

Unscientific aside: if you didn’t know that Burn Gorman is a mind-bogglingly adorable, adorable cutie pie…


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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'i want to give you multiple consecutive orgasms'


"you’d kill yourself"

"I’ll go with you."


"you would do that for me?"

"you would do that with me?"

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Miniature glassware by Winesiam 

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So dudes? After finding out that Burn Gorman ships his own ship harder than we could ever ship, I was about to post a reaction gif. 

There are gifs of people squealing and laughing for joy, or dancing with happiness, but that just wasn’t how I felt. I had to go and make a whole new gif. 

This - this is how I feel:


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Chris Golfer

Famous people trying to help other people pull their heads out of their asses.